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MDS Engines - Pro Series

The Pro series are the latest engines from MDS'S ongoing development programme. Working with Ripmax's development team and some of the world's top pilots, the MDS designers have achieved specification and performance standards for the Pro series not previously seen in engines of this class or price level.

Aero microengines

MDS15 In pylon format with tuned pipe and no throttle, this engine is a 'thriller'. Ideal for small, high performance speed models, the MDS 15 has to be seen in action to be believed. Yes, the tuned pipe is included! Unbelievable value for money.
  Prop: 6х3 or 6х4
Supplied with side mounted 'Ultra Quiet' Silencer, this superb little engine loves to rev and gives plenty of power just when it's needed. And here's the clever bit, the MDS 18 Pro has a rotatable cylinder head to allow side or rear exhaust! Aviation Modeller magazine about the MDS range "They represent very good value for money, they perform most reliably and have power outputs the equivalent of any other engines in their class."
The MDS 18's rear angled needle valve improves safety when tuning.
In rear exhaust format the MDS 18 becomes very compact. Ideal for wings with nacells, or tuned pipe configurations.
  Prop: 8х4 or 7х6
Give 20 size models 30 size performance with this little gem. As you'd expect from MDS, the 28 Pro gives class leading performance out of the box and will soon be the first choice for sport flyers of .20 size aircraft.
  Prop: 9х6 or 10х4
The performance of the MDS 38 Pro is outstanding. The same dimensions as a .30 but with the same or more power than some .40's. A superb 'funfly' power plant and with more than enough power for most .40 sized trainers. RCM&E magazine wrote of the MDS 38 Pro: This really is a sweet little engine. It clearly liked to rev and yet proved more than capable of pulling an oversized propeller if requested. The quality and performance is equal to and in some cases exceeds that of many higher priced units of similar size.'
  Prop: 9х6 or 10х6
The MDS 40 Pro is a leader in its market class. A smooth throttling, free revving, hassle free powerhouse, perfect for all 40 sized trainers and sport models. Complete with its Ultra-Quiet silencer the 40 Pro is the perfect choice for the discerning beginner or established enthusiast. Aviation Modeller magazine about the MDS 40 Pro: The latest example is outstanding for power output, the highest rpm figures for any 40 we have so far tested.' Verdict 'We are impressed'.
  Prop: 10х6 or 10х7
Yes, MDS are the first to pack the unbelievable power of a .48 into a .40 crankcase. With key features such as the MDS 8mm front bearinged crankshaft, the MDS 48 Pro is designed to handle its awesome power without compromising smooth throttling or reliability. RCM&E magazine about the MDS 48 Pro: 'The twin needle carburettor was an absolute joy.'
  Prop: 11х6 or 11х7
60 size performance in a .46 crankcase, you bet. Only 2mm wider than a .40 and 3% heavier, this is an awesome engine. Smooth, torquey and built to thrill, make your models 'really' perform with this dynamic engine.
  Prop: 12х6
The Powerhouse of the MDS range. Designed for flexibility, it's ideal for pattern or scale aircraft. With the same exhaust dimensions as other leading engines, the MDS 68 Pro can accept most existing manifolds, headers and tuned pipes, or silencer systems. The new leader of the pack! "The engine proved utterly dependable and its considerable power was very apparent." RC Mode! World magazine about the MDS 68 Pro.
  Prop: 12х7 or 13х6
In the same sized crankcase as the powerful .68, the .78 has been designed to swing big props. The ringed piston and liner, and increased stroke, mean the .78 can swing a 14 x 6 1,000 rpm faster than the .68.
• Ringed Piston/Liner Assembly
• 10mm Front Bearing
• Aluminium Throttle Arm
• Silencer included
  Prop: 12х6
A real 'wolf in sheep's clothing', the MDS148 is a power house with the same crankcase dimensions as most .108 engines. Install an MDS148 for some serious action.
The MDS Powerhouse. With 24.56cc (1.49 cu. in.) packed into a 108 sized crankcase the MDS 148 produces unbelievable power from such a compact unit. The same dimensional size as most 108's the 148 is ideal for those tight scale applications where power is at a premium. It also allows larger props to be used for a more scale appearance.
• Ringed Piston/Liner Assembly
• 10mm Front Bearing
• Extra large diameter Prop Driver/Nut/Washer
• Heavy Duty Conrod
• Aluminium Throttle Arm
  Prop: 17х6 - 18х5

With the growth in popularity of large models, MDS have developed this 36cc motor to meet that demand. Retaining all the key MDS features, the 218 has the addition of its own new carburettor.
• Ringed piston and liner
• Large diameter prop driver
• 12.5mm Front bearing
• Aluminium throttle Arm



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